Standard Account

Start trading with a regulated Forex CFD Provider

Why Choose Our Standard Account?

At Qartal Fx, our Standard Account is designed for traders seeking a balanced trading experience. With competitive spreads, a wide range of tradable instruments, and the flexibility to adapt to your trading style, this account provides the perfect balance between opportunity and risk. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, our Standard Account offers the ideal environment for achieving your trading goals.
Experience lightning-fast order execution at Qartal Fx. With our advanced technology and low-latency connectivity, your trades are executed swiftly and precisely, ensuring you capture opportunities in real time. Trade with confidence, knowing that your orders are processed with unmatched speed.
Enjoy the freedom to trade without restrictions at Qartal Fx. We welcome all trading strategies, including scalping, ensuring you have the flexibility to execute your trades as you see fit. Your trading preferences, your rules. Traders can also hedge positions as there is no first in first out (FIFO) rule with Qartal Fx. Traders do not pay margin on hedged trades and enjoy the benefits of margin netting.
Experience the transparency of Level 2 Pricing and Market Depth with Qartal Fx. Gain insight into the supply and demand dynamics of the markets, enabling you to make informed decisions based on real-time data and order book information.

Flexible Lot Sizing

At Qartal Fx, we understand that trading isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why we offer flexible lot sizing, allowing you to customize your trade sizes to match your risk tolerance and trading strategy. Whether you’re a conservative trader or prefer to be more aggressive, our flexible lot sizing empowers you to trade with precision and confidence.

Forex, Commodities and Global Indices

Diversify your portfolio with Qartal Fx. We provide access to a wide spectrum of trading instruments, including Forex, Commodities, and global indices. Whether you’re interested in currency pairs, precious metals, energy commodities, or indices that reflect the global financial landscape, our platform has you covered.

Leverage up to 1:1000

Maximize your trading potential with Qartal Fx’s impressive leverage of up to 1:1000. Our high-leverage offerings give you the flexibility to amplify your trading capital and potentially enhance your returns. However, it’s essential to exercise responsible trading practices to fully leverage this valuable tool.

All Major Account Currencies Supported

At Qartal Fx, we cater to your global trading needs by supporting all major account currencies. Whether it’s USD, EUR, GBP, or any other major currency, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy the convenience of trading in your preferred currency, making your trading experience seamless and hassle-free.
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