Islamic Accounts

Start trading with a regulated Forex CFD Provider

Qartal Fx provides Islamic accounts, also recognized as swap-free accounts, tailored to clients whose religious principles prohibit the earning or payment of interest. This swap-free alternative is accessible for both our raw spread and standard account categories.

Overnight Financing Charges

Understanding overnight financing charges is crucial for successful trading. At Qartal Fx, we offer transparent and competitive rates for holding positions overnight. Stay informed about these charges to manage your trading costs effectively and make informed decisions for your investment strategy.

Forex, Commodities and Global Indices

Explore a world of trading opportunities with Qartal Fx. Dive into the dynamic Forex market, diversify with a wide range of commodities, and discover the global indices that shape the financial landscape. Our platform offers you access to these exciting markets, empowering you to trade with confidence and explore diverse investment options.

Leverage up to 1:500

Our high leverage offerings provide you with the flexibility to amplify your trading capital, allowing for potentially greater returns. Exercise caution and responsible trading practices to harness the full power of this valuable tool.

All Major Account Currencies Supported

At Qartal Fx, we cater to your global trading needs by supporting all major account currencies. Whether it’s USD, EUR, GBP, or any other major currency, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy the convenience of trading in your preferred currency, making your trading experience seamless and hassle-free.
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